Saturday, December 4, 2010

Vintage key Chalkboard

Another day, another piece of someone's trash for me to try to fix up! I am just loving doing all these crafty projects!!! My booty is missing the gym a bit more, but I figure once all the this stuff is cleared out of the garage...

This old window is full of layers and layers of plastic and staples, so first things first, I need to get it all cleaned up and all the plastic and staples out. A great project while I watch the kids play with the neighbors in the front yard

All cleaned up; I just need to sand it down and add a little paint.

I used the skill saw to cut a board to fit inside.

My Dad gave me some great pointers about cutting wood that were really helpful to me: When you are making lines on your wood to cut it, always use the factory cut sides to measure off of, because they will be perfectly straight angles. After making your lines with your straight edge, cut on the outside of the line so that the drawn line is still included in the area you're using, if you cut the drawn line off your wood will be to small for the area you measured!

Then I painted my piece of wood with the chalkboard paint.

After my piece of wood was completely dry, I drew with chalk my design that I wanted on it. Then I painted right over it with white acrylic paint. After it dried I just had to clean off the excess chalk.

Again I found another use for my fun rub on images from Micheal's!!! Love those things!!!

I rubbed one on the corner and one the top, then sprayed it with a clear top coat. I attached the wood to the back on the window with screws and all done!!!

I hung it by the hook on the back, but if I were to really hang it in my house I would use the vintage hinges that are at the top still, to add another element of visual detail. (they are hard to see in this picture)


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