Saturday, September 10, 2011

Welcome to my dinner table

Here's the story. Complete with miss spellings and one complete run on with it.

We recently got some old couches redone to be our new couches. I LOVED our old couches because they are the coziest; but when we went to sell, I couldn't pull the trigger. They are just SO comf. We decided to put them in the loft not really thinking about the fact that it was as plausible at lifting an airplane up there. The day we picked up one of our couches, I come home to the hubs trying to lift it up himself. It was literally wedged above the newly broken banister, and completely stripped corner of the wall. The fat daddy wasn't going up the stairs. But we sure did have to try again. So after sweating our tails off trying again and pulling a few muscles we needed to concede....this was not going to happen. We didn't want to store the beast couch or sell it either, so my solution was: move the dinning room into the front room (a living area), and turn the dinning room into a kido den for tv and toys. After much debate we decided to try, and I am so happy we did.

Closed dining rooms that track builders give you are big enough for a dinner party of children. I just needed to break the mental block of the front room only being used for pretty furniture nobody uses, that you still have to clean....BOO. Now I have a room that allows my table to expand to maximum capacity, and here are the pictures are below!

We wanted a lighting fixture to make it look like more of a dining space, but sure didn't want to run electrical. So we took an old window we had and suspended it from wire and put candles on it. I need to add about 3000 more but it works for now. Let's be honest about this though, these candles are decorative dust collectors till Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner.

I had found these 80's to the max shelves at my favorite thrift store for....wait for it....$8.50 with tax. I was planning on painting and selling them, but we kind of loved them too much.
Please also notice my $4 Mad Men lamp cornered too!
Here's the kids new zone and they are loving it!!! We has this little armoire upstairs and brought her in!
evidence! Now we can sit in the other room and watch our show while the kids watch theirs....not that we would ever do that, our kids never watch tv, and we always want to be with them!

Please notice my sons bionic leg!

Now that it is cooling off, I have lots of fun projects in the works for the blog...... so stay tuned!!!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hook me up

I found this large piece of sun prettied wood in my original junk pile! I cut the sides and sanded it a bit. Added a hook and stenciled "Packs" on it. I was finding that I needed some additional hooks in the house with the kridders back packs being thrown I figured that maybe some of you might be having the same problem:)


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