Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A New Spin on an Old Door... Part 1!

Out of all the pieces of crap that I have come across, the thing I keep running into are old doors........
There are so so many ways to use old doors in new cute ways, this is my little way to compile some ideas, and the first of 3 that I will redo! I hope you get inspired and redo one for yourself...or at the very least buy the ones i do;)

Here is mine to start! It was pretty rough, and didn't look like much but with a little love it turned into one of my favorite pieces!
Painted it with some of the leftover wall paint we used in our bedroom
Using my measuring tape, some scrap wood and a hand saw, I cut 2 shelves that will go on the bottom of the door. So when I was painting, I painted those too. I taped around the existing handle and spray painted it white (shown below)

Using a $6 piece of Medium-density fiberboard (MDF), I measured my opening and with a pencil, straight edge and using a hand saw cut my desired rectangle out, then painted it in chalkboard paint.
Then when everything is dry I used wood screws to secure it to the back of the door's window. I found these great brackets at Hobby Lobby, they didn't have them in white, but no worries....nothing a little $2 white spray paint wont fix!

I wanted everything to keep that rough worn look, so I sanded it all down around edges.

Spray painted those brackets. I always do it in a box so it contains the paint.

Then I used epoxy to glue a large bulldog clip to the chalkboard. Those stinking clips are a pain in the butt to find!!! I went to every store looking for them, I finally found them in the hobby section of the Hobby Lobby.....go figure.
I busted out the level and put those shelves up....this ended up being a great workout! Had to put my back into it!

All done! This baby is a beast, but so fun! Great for most rooms! Secured to the studs hanging on a wall or just leaning up!

oh yeah and I painted some little birdies on a wire! Always love those!

And another door still for sale....the painting I did inside a door $175 (below)

Just a little sneak peak....this is the next door I'm working on!


jorden9879 said...

Natalie those doors are awesome! I still love that door you painted with the birch looking trees. If you could find a way to mail it I would buy it from you, seriously

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Hi Natalie,
My friend Jennifer sent me the link to yoru blog on Facebook. So super cute...and I love that idea with the door and making a blackboard and shelves!! I so need/want one of these for my home!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

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