Sunday, December 5, 2010

O Christmas Tree

A Saturday that started at 10ish, got another load of trash for the blog, and convinced my husband to get fake trees, THIS was a good good day!
I think me and my sweet Dad made our last trip to get goods though! We've taken most of the good stuff now! Also after stepping on a nail (it went completely though my boot, and right in between my toes!!) I'm a little bit done with it....not to mention my garage is OUT OF CONTROL!

My husband has always said that we will never do a fake tree!!! I have finally convinced him to change his mind!!! YESSSSS! I think the appeal was always the image of Christmas music, hot chocolate, Christmas lights glowing in the background and we bundle up and go cut down our fresh tree.....But in reality we are too cheap to go to a place to chop it down, we always went to Wal-mart to get the tree, stand in line for 3 days, get home to leave a trail of pine needles over the entire house, only to have the fire hazard dead before Christmas anyways! So this is our wonderful trip to
wal-mart for the last time!!! Notice there is no hot chocolate, no bundling up, and the kids are on the edge of hysteria.

ken has lost a shoe!

Mommy's little present to herself (stop judging me!)

We had to get two, Cameron eventually wants one in every room....oh my!
Time to decorate!!! I wanted my little pathetic looking tree to be covered in all that great yarn I got at the thrift store. So I rolled little ornaments with the yarn, whilst watching Elf! Now that is a fun Christmas tradition.

Cameron and the Kids did this one in the front room! The kids loved picking out a ornament and putting it on the tree...too cute.

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Stephen and Tiffany Seston said...

I finally convinced Stephen for a fake tree too! And, he loves it! Love the photos of the fam making it on the blog! And I can't wait to spend all my money on more creations! :)

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