Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Silhouette Necklace...of YOUR kids!

These are something that I have been working on for a while now! Let me just say, trial and error trial and error. My sister in law saw something similar online and I wanted one immediately!!! But they were so so expensive! So I figured that I could do that! Well, now, after:

- a sink bottom completely covered in epoxy, with all the dirt and grime permanently stuck underneath
- 2 photo design programs
- 4 days, one husband, and one brother, of fixing the printer
- trial and error of 5 different types of glue
- and one month of waiting on the products to complete them and trust me...much much more
.... I give you....THE SILHOUETTE NECKLACES!!!!

I know what your thinking mom's: I already bought a custom wax stamp with my kids initials, then I had to buy round charms with my family names custom stamped...I have enough kido necklaces! Well let me tell you what; this is WAY cuter.

I am going to start with 5 custom the first 5 are the first 5 for now.

  • Custom Silhouette Necklace: $38 for round charm and the necklace
  • TO ADD a additional oval silhouette : $15 each Silver or antiqued bronze (These are not available on their own)
  • This price does not include shipping: Shipping will cost an additional $4

What I will need from you is:
I need you to take a profile picture of each of your kids, or of whomever you would like in the necklace. Do this in FULL light in front of a white wall (garages work GREAT!!) There can not be shadows around the image. Also please wear dark colors unlike my hubby in the above picture! Then email them to me in the highest quality available:) Above is a picture of my hubby and I kissing...This was done by taking a profile picture of us kissing in front of the garage...pretty simple. Then I photo-shop the image to make it appear as black and white....and did a little of this and that and below is the necklace!!! (

Cait, do those kridders look familiar?????....this baby is all yours!!


This long vintage key hole/key necklace FOR SALE $30 (only this one available)

I HAVE 5 VINTAGE KEYHOLE necklaces available $20 (pictured above)

Vintage Keyhole necklace $20 (only this one available)

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