Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Shelf For Any Room!

This baby was another find from the big trash pile!!! I new that I could make something fun with it, I just had no idea what. I really wanted to do something that could go in anyone's home and in any room. First things first, I had to clean it up......because it was seriously nasty!

Then I gave it a paint job. I just used eggshell white interior paint.

After letting it dry I traced and oval on the corner and painted an oval frame on it in black acrylic paint.

Then i drilled some holes to attach nobs to the front. I thought they could be used for so many things. Hang towels from them, hang pictures, frames, decorations....

I found these nobs in the dollar section at Micheal's.....AMAZ!

I screwed this little bracket to the front and printed a little vintage number image to go inside.

All DONE!!!! I CAN NOT decide if I want to sell it though. I really like it!! Shoot! So for this one, I'm just saying if you like it as much as me, make me an offer.


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kersten said...

i think i have to stop looking at your blog... it is to amazing! and i am to far away!!

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