Thursday, December 23, 2010

A coat rack you can make!

I'm back at the trash in my garage that I need to make pretty.

We've been needing some hooks in the garage to put our coats on, so why not make a pretty one! I had this great board from the trash pile. I cut it in half, and the first half I made into a Christmas card holder for Drew's teacher, and the other half is all mine for the coat rack!

I painted it White, then let it dry!

Then my hubs and I went to Micheal's (I should really be paid by them, for the advertising I give them :) I found these AWESOME letters!!! You can paint them, sand them, and when you pop them out you have a GREAT stencil!!! BONUS! They were $20 but with the 50% off one item and total score! So I simply stenciled our last name on in black, and added some hooks, super easy, super cute!

I have these other fun boards and great hooks! I'm going to customize one for sale: $35. Let me know if you interested by emailing me:


Stephen and Tiffany Seston said...

You are so adorable. Seriously! Bri and I were talking about how fun it'd be to do a girl's weekend up there! Want to?!?

Phil and Bri said...

too good. it hurts.

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