Sunday, December 12, 2010

Vintage Keyhole Necklace

For the trash to treasure project I bought a bunch of these great vintage looking keyholes all completely unique. Since I have only used a couple for the project, I thought I should do something else with them....

Before I go to the necklaces though, I have to do a personal sidebar.

Cam and I just got back from Tahoe. We went with a great group of friends and we're so blessed with the gift from someone to stay in their cabin. But it got me to thinking......

Why do people with cabin's feel the need to buy whittled bears/eagles/antlers smothered in lacquer, and call them cabin decorations????????

It was so so beautiful up there and I guess I don't understand how this:

Is reflected in the least bit, in this:

.....JUST SAYING! Really Really great trip though!

ANYwho... These are the first of the necklaces, that I am adding to the things that I will be selling on my blog. These keyhole necklaces are $20 each and I will ship them for free to wherever you are!(in the states)
If you enlarge this next image you can see that there are numbers next to them, because they are all completely unique. So let me know which one you would like to order based upon the corresponding number!


Vintage Keyhole Necklaces: $20 each including USA shipping
3 available

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