Monday, December 6, 2010

Bird's on a Wire

Oh I must sidebar about my kiddo real quick!!
My sweet Allie Cooper turned 4 this week!! My mom got that great big doll house from Costco with the thousand pieces, and happy birthday to Daddy too cause he gets to put it together!

I had to take a picture of this huge mess that took about 4 hours to put together...."but it's sooooo worth it Cam she is just going to love it!!!"
It was all put together and she tells me this morning... "Mom, I don't really like it, let's take it back today!" I laughed so hard!!!! She wants a stuffed animal instead!

okay back to the trash...

Because so many people wanted the first painting on book pages I figured I'd make a few more.

This one was a collaboration! My Dad had to cut these great big boards in half for me with his table saw.(next purchase....who am I???!!! I want a table saw for my next gift????!)
Then my sweet hubby built the frame for my picture for me!!! What's with me, between texting and facebook I don't know how to end a sentence without a thousand exclamation points or a winky face!!!!;)

Then I got to work on the painting. I figure since I basically described this process already, I will let the pictures explain.


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Kirra Sue said...

Natalie this is gorgeous!

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