Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Craft Fail!!!!

My Sis- in-law saw this great picture on a blog (isn't that how it always starts?)and sent it to me! We were soooo excited to make these great Christmas stockings! We both went to coffee houses collecting burlap sacks for our project, and even set a date for our craft night! (Last Night) So much fun right.....

WRONG! It was the worst craft ever! First of all, the blog that showed this great picture, sure did have no instructions, so we winged it! We drew out our stockings on the sacks, cut them out and started to hand stitch them
(we didn't think the sewing machine could handle the burlap)
The burlap just shreds and gets EVERYWHERE! The stitching takes FOREVER, and if you don't do it, like, a foot from the edge it pulls right out the side because of the woven nature of the material. So after my first was all sewn together, I thought to myself,
"Yes! Good Job Natalie:)" Then I put my hand in it to fluff it a little inside and the thing basically imploded in my hand. By this time we've probably been working on the things for at least an hour. And the burlap has worked it's way into all of my clothing, and
somehow under my clothing, I felt like little bugs were crawling all over me. I had to fix this thing that I put so much time into, so in the nature of being a jimmy rigger, I sure did pull out my trusty steed to fix this thing:
Glue Gun:)
After filling it with paper towels (don't judge) I sure did glue gun it till it was absolutely non-functioning, and barely passable as aesthetically pleasing. Then I proceeded to do a second???? Why, i don't know, Maybe cause my living room was already completely covered in burlap. This one turned out even worse!
Kelley's first turned out great! Her second was more of a creepy gym sock than anything else. Then we joked that this is probably what i
t was like for the lady who blogged the craft too; she just positioned it just so and took great in that spirit, I give you my Craft Fail:)(pictured below)


Anonymous said...

i can't believe youa re calling this a fail you dork! they are totally cute. of course what do i expect from the craft queen! i hate you a little bit!

Stephen and Tiffany Seston said...

Wait, why is this a fail? It looks cute! And, Burlap is easy to sew on a machine for sure. I just made something on there and had no problem.

Zann said...

I'm just dying of laughter. They look great but the play by play is what has me rolling. LOL.

jorden9879 said...

Ok how I did not know your blog exsisted is beyond me but sure glad I found it on Bri's blog. I am not surprised by your cretivity but it continues to amaze me. I think the stocking looks cute even if it didnt turn out exactly as you thought. By the way this is Jorden.

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