Thursday, November 18, 2010

Birdy Chalk

This one is pretty straight forward, it was pretty stinking cute to start with...don't you think?!

Crafty Soundtrack: David Crowder (a little throw back), Jimmy Eat World (there newest album- Amaz!), The Afters, Oh and new favorite song alert: While We Were Dreaming: Outside Love - Pink Mountains

This great little door, or whatever it was, was pretty beat up though. What I had to do, to get this baby looking cuter and functional is this:
Sand it down and repaint. I went with this great turquoise color I had left over from my girl's beds, and painted the little window with chalkboard paint. After it dried I sanded it again and had to get the side piece of scrap off. That gave me lots of trouble, because the screws had been painted so many times, I couldn't get the screwdriver in there. So I left it up to the hubby to find a solution, and of course he did:) Then I hand-painted the little birdies on the wire. Got that great little clip functioning again, and this puppy is ready to go! It would be perfect for a kitchen, craft room, or little girl's room, it's really functional which I love!!!

Stop judging my chicken scratch handwriting!!!

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