Monday, November 15, 2010

Boards to Art

Most of the time when I do a painting, I simply stop by home depot to get a piece of wood and have them cut it. This way I can paint a huge statement piece without the huge chunk of money out of my husband's (let's be honest) wallet for the cost of canvas! But what's better than that is something like this pretty, dirty, character filled boards, that were absolutely FREE! I brushed them off and threw some acrylic white paint (walmart) over the top.

After painting it I had no idea what to paint on it, I just new I wanted it white. My sis in law came over and told me to paint the frame, I had painted in another painting of mine, on it.

the story of the inspiration
The picture below is of this great old gold frame that I have and absolutely love....but has been the source of much contention!!!!! I grabbed it at my favorite thrift store, for $5! It was a mirror at the time. I wanted it on my door to the garage, but with 3 little ones we couldn't get it to stay up! So after many attempts on mine and my husband's part to make it stay up, we couldn't figure this thing out. Cam had given up and wanted me to throw the thing away. It has now broke over 4 times, and been glued back together over 4 times, and lost the mirror that goes in it! This last time, It refused to glue back together, so after trying 4 different types of glue...that's right, I'm that determined, I drilled 2 holes in it and set off to put this thing in the door for good!!! I drilled my first long screw into it, and it was perfect! I knew once my other screw went in, this thing would never move again, it would stay with this house forever! I put my next super long screw in and slam dunk this thing was not moving!!! I step back to look at my handy work and it is completely crooked!!!! To top it off I open the door and one of the screws is literally sticking out 2 inches on the other side of the door. So after taking that screw out I get a shorter screw and bam I completely strip it! So my frame is straight, not going any wear, but sure does have a screw sticking out an inch on the front! So the lesson is...just don't look to close?

After finishing the white and letting it dry, I put my girls down for a nap, and got started on this oval frame like feature that you can barely see in this picture. I can't eyeball any shape or wording efficiently; so I went on the hunt for something in my house that was oval, and large enough that I could trace. I sure did use the lid of my crock pot...sure did! Don't worry, it' wasn't in use:) There is no pot roast juices on the picture. Well...that I'm aware of.

After letting that dry I needed to add some black outlining to the frame so that it could be seen better. Then I added a pretty little girl silhouette, via modge podge. Let me just stop and say a little shout out to the modge podge people, cause that stuff rocks! HOLLA!!!!!!!
I added some upholstery tacks to the corners and a great little key to the bottom, sanded it and sprayed it with a clear top coat....and I can't wait to see it on someones wall!



Stephen and Tiffany Seston said...

if I had a little girl, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. You can save it for me for about 5 years. :)

Jamie said...

you could totally open up your own store, your so talented! i luuuv that piece! someone is going to snatch it up for sure and be very happy.

Anonymous said...

I have to have it!!!!! Seriously it's perfect for harps room! Just put it in my pile and I'll pay you next time I see you

The Page Family said...

Love it girl! And love looking at your blog! Wish I lived closer I would be your #1 client! Miss u guys!

Phil and Bri said...

I adore this!! :) You and your hand painting is just amazing!

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