Sunday, November 21, 2010

Boy Boards

This one is on hold!
This little project I planned start to finish for one for my favorite people.....Caitlin! The one and only that helped me get all this old rotten goodness. BUT ONLY if she moves to California....because this puppy weighs a good 70 plus pounds, and I'm not shipping it anywhere!!! And in honor of Cait (who pointed out, that I am saying Amaz! in every post) there will be, not one Amaz in this post:)(besides that one)

I started with this great square of boards!

Then I put some blue and gray paint on it in order to make a great neutral blue that will go in most boys rooms.

I had some vintage book pages set aside for a special project, and I thought they worked perfect for this one! So I made little paper frames for them and modge podged (Holla!!) them on the board with thumb tacks for a little fun detail.

Then after letting it dry completely, I added some hooks I found at my favorite spot (Goods Goods), but I still felt like it was lacking. I added the red string for a little more color, and found some antique bolts that somehow got handed down to me from my grandpa and put them on the corners....And here you go Cait, A boy post and it's all get your butt back to cali cali!

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Anonymous said...

It's amaz!!! Sincerely - sarah

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