Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pallet of Vino

I got this great pallet from my sis in law Ashley in Santa Clarita. I tried to convince her to use it in her house, but I think she thought I was a crazy.... Just like my hubby did when I told him to load it up we were taking this beauty home with us. The wood's color and the shape of the entire thing just screamed shelves of wine to me:)
I found a great graphic from

greatest source for all things clip-art.
I cut it out and modge podged it to the middle. Sanded it after it dried and painted the graphic with just a tiny bit of diluted paint to make it blend and
look older. Then I called the honey in, to cut slats of woods, to make it functioning as shelves. He is perfect for a job like this cause where I estimate, he measures, and make things just right:)

Viola!!! Pallet of Vino

Even my little, white trash Kenner's was in on the decorating action!!!


Phil and Bri said...

the pallet looked small at first but on the wall I can tell it is big! Are you keeping it? You are so talented, seriously!! Are you making Thanksgiving dinner all on your own??? It sounds yummy!

Ashley Kostjuk said...

i knew you had great plans for this piece ~ it was screaming to come home with you. i love it. glad you could fit it in your car! poor cam didn't have a choice.

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