Friday, April 15, 2011

Breaking the Break

So....... It's been forever and I haven't been doing nothing.... exactly? Well mostly! But when I go to the gym, the blog has to take a back seat. So as my butt shrinks again, my creative juices get bundled for smaller projects or simply a later date. I plan on tapping in on my super human time extending powers one day, but it's most def not today.
Here are a couple things that I have got accomplished.

I had a chance to do a couple of paintings which I always love to do.

The first (don't judge the iphone shots) is the one below. For my sweet friend Bri, who sent me an inspiration pic. I did my best, and had a fun time incorporating acrylic paint with cuttings of scrapbook paper and modge podge, then layering them.

This one was for another friend. A gift for her wedding shower. She sent out the cutest wedding invitation and I thought, " I want that invitation blown up on my wall!". So off to work I went. It lent it's self to a becoming a painting so perfectly; I was excited to put it together.
This door is my current sleeping project, taking residence in the garage. I started it to be a painting but it's not we'll see???

The door below is one that I did for my house. I'm kind of on a white kick right now and that has also been a huge distraction. I suddenly want everything in my house white, and can't rest till I accomplish it. My husband will, with a sigh, attest to this. Not to long ago I up and started repainting our freshly orange dining room. Antique white....So fun! I of course crapped out on the project 1 hour in and he had to complete it for me. AWWWWW marriage:) LOVE that man. But here is another door that I had, from my dump location, and LOVED the character of. I just wanted to add simple stenciling of a favorite bible verse and call it a day. So here she is. She was meant for the blog, but I'm sorry I didn't pictograph the process from start to finish. But I figure when I can describe what I did in a sentence, there's no need.

So that's what I've been up to.
So when the mood strikes me again (AKA when the weather is consistently warm) I will have some more projects to offer up to you AMAZINGLY loyal 14 followers;)


Stephen and Tiffany Seston said...

fun! Get your butt down here and help me with the nursery! :) Thanks!

jorden9879 said...

You have more than 14 followers, I am sure of it. Your stuff is amazing. I seriously want you to ship like 3 or 4 of your things to me but I know shipping a big window and door is probably impossible. Bri's picture is amazing, it looks perfect, i mean perfect in the babies room.

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