Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Table Top No More

This is a little project that I was working on before I started my door projects. This table top that we pulled from the dump site! My dad hauled this one off for me, and I probably looked at him like he was a crazy when I saw it in the back of his truck. It is SO heavy and I didn't have a clue what to do with it! I wanted to tackle it because it was one big eye sore/space taker in my garage. I had been wanting to do shelves of jars for a while now, so why not with this one.

First I had to pull that huge piece out of the middle, that took FOREV! Once that was out, I cut the side of the table top down with a hand saw, cleaned and sanded it.

Then I measured and cut the shelves that I would attach. I painted it all with a white eggshell paint.

Enter my challenge:) I bought a case of canning jars while marketing.
Then I needed to figure out where the jars would be positioned, and needed to make sure that when I did screw them down the the jars with face the same direction. Not as easy as it sounds!

Let me just tell you, this is not my thing ...measuring, marking, screwing it in, over and over. Good thing I had super cute distractions in the front yard with me learning to ride their bikes:)

Then to attach the shelves I started, but I think my hubby couldn't stand how I was doing it, so I let him take over happily!
Once everything was attached, I added these cute label holders, added some more paint and sanded it all around the edges. ALL done, out of the trash, out of the garage, and hopefully up in somebodies home soon for crafting supplies, spices in the kitchen, or nails in the garage. This guy can really go in any room!

It's 3.5' x 2' and is FOR SALE: $165

Also for sale still are:

Door Frame of hooks $35

3'x6' Door with shelves/chalkboard $175

Painting in a Door $150

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Stephen and Tiffany Seston said...

Love it. I'm going to talk to S about the painting in a door for above our bed. I kinda love it. :) Also, excited for my door! Just let me know how much I owe ya! Loves!

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