Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tis The Season

I use to love to put Christmas music on, bake cookie press cookies, and decorate the house. Now a days, not so fun. I feel like all I am doing is trying to patrol the kids and make sure they don't pull the heavy brick stocking holders on their head, or cut their hands on glass ornaments. While Cam hangs lights the entire day! But I do love the cozy results.

As you can see I actually put up the craft fail stockings.

I used some of my leftover frame finds to do this little something something over my cabinets.

I also found a use for some of my book covers! I strung up the red and green ones and added some of those great rub on decals from my Micheal's dollar section find.

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Stephen and Tiffany Seston said...

I love your stuff! Especially, the books! I do not have any though :( Love you!

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