Monday, November 8, 2010

Wait for it.......Bam! 2 projects Complete!!!!

2 Projects Down!!!

What an amazing day to get to work on such fun projects! The weather was so cool and beautiful. I started with my blue shelves that I thought would be the easiest. WRONG! I had to basically dissemble the entire thing, then sand, de-nail, and reassemble. I also barely successfully had to use a nail gun, screwdriver, and miter saw. I'll be honest...I kind feel awesome when I didn't take off a finger.

Then I added a few little extras and BAM! Cute, new to me, shelves for the guest room!!!

Accented with some old books from the thrift store 33 cents each! Just had to rip those covers off!

Had my honey hang it, so it wouldn't fall on our unassuming guests, whilst they sleep.


Project #2

This great rustic, weathered frame would be so cute in so many ways. But I thought a great chalkboard is easy and great in any house! It measures 4 feet by just over 2 feet.

I cut a large piece of wood to fit the back of the frame structure. Then I painted said piece of wood with chalkboard paint and a super cute helper! Then I nailed it to the frame, sanded, added hardware, some cute little touches, and wire hangy thing on the back and Voila project 2 complete and up for sale! $85

Great for an entry way or lets be honest any room in the house! Email me if your interested.

Also I am selling the wreaths! They are $20. Or a great project to do at home. I simply got a craft wreath at dollar tree and cut oak like leaves from vintage book pages and proceeded to glue them to the wreath!


Stephen and Tiffany Seston said...

love the shelf with the jars! I will sue you if they fall on my head.

Next, totally in the process of making a wreath already since I fell in love when I saw them at your house.

Cute chalkboard!
Even cuter helper!

Anonymous said...

First of all- adorable. Second, I will buy a wreath please. Third, maybe you should have someone else do all the printing... Unless that was Drew that wrote that

Anonymous said...

The last comment was Sarah:) in case you didn't know who would insult your handwriting

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