Friday, November 26, 2010

Tack the burlap

This great little find should be a message!!

I took that extra little something something off the side, and that weird plastic from the windows (IT TOOK FOREVER!!!!)

Painted it brownish black!

I got this cork stuff at walmart in the section where the office stuff is. I glued it to a piece of particle board, then wrapped it with a sections of a burlap sack I got from a coffee house.

Stretched it around and staple gunned it in the back

On the other side I got 4 different kinds of yarn and twine and stapled it back and forth, back and forth, while my little Kennedy sat on my lap. Now it's a great cork board on one side and the other is great for pictures, or Christmas cards! For picture taking time, I hung another little fun project I made on it!

I found these AMAZ rub on images at Micheal's in the dollar section!!!! I rubbed it on the book page and BAM, oval frame, and all done!
Here's it's actual resting my kitchen.

Message Center FOR SALE: $75

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